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Our History

Legacy Leadership of the Lowcountry was founded by Richard Thomas in 2013 as an outgrowth of his experience as a founding partner of Battlefield Leadership and due to an early involvement in the Mayor’s Task Force for the Future of Hilton Head Island, as a way to contribute to community vitality and well-being in his retirement from BL. Battlefield Leadership commenced operations in 2009 as a partnership whose efforts, beginning in 2002 and 2003, had pioneered the development of a leadership training technology which became the gold standard for an industry now numbering well over 100 providers.

Mr. Thomas and his partner borrowed from a traditional military leadership training method called the staff ride to create a training vehicle for corporate executives based on the events and leadership examples from great battles in history. Conducted on the historic battlefield sites themselves, these leadership development experiences use the examples of the historic leaders in situ to develop competency platforms aligned to particular corporate needs.  

The focus of this methodology is not on leadership competencies, practices, principles, or traits per se, but on the actions and behaviors of real leaders, who "come to life on the actual ground where the events took place through the vivid storytelling of the facilitators.” The dynamics and patterns which affected decisions and actions in these momentous events of the past are then analyzed and explored by the leadership facilitators as they relate to similar factors affecting leaders in today’s business or corporate environment.  

These "linkages" or “transfer channels” then become the vehicle for developing concrete and specific strategies to improve effectiveness in dealing with pressing business challenges, issues, or problems in the participants’ workplace

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