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Experiential Learning

Experiential learning put simply is learning by doing, and most often will refer to direct, first-hand experience in whatever context is employed as the learning medium.  Traditional experiential methods have included such media as physical challenges (“ropes and rocks”), or so-called survival simulations, or “gamified” problem solving exercises, or even intricate business simulations.  More recently, “exposure and immersion” experiences have sought to transfer lessons from participants’ time spent in different environments (innovation labs, for instance) or in front of senior officers of companies whose attributes are to be modeled.

Our form of experiential learning is based in learning by example, or exemplary leadership, and it is indirect in the sense that participants learn from the experience of others on the very ground on which they engaged or in the 20-20 perspective of history according to the actions taken – leaders in momentous events from history, whose actions and behaviors are “frozen” in time through revealing case studies to allow a detailed, in-depth examination of the connection between leaders’ actions and behaviors and results.

Momentous events in history are typically characterized by highly-pressured and heated situations in which decisions were called for and action taken in ambiguous circumstances with incomplete or inadequate information against some form of opposition.  This type of leadership environment has been termed “the leadership crucible” due to these characteristics and to the fact that in such circumstances there is an incredibly vivid and direct linkage between decisions/actions and outcomes.  The inherent drama of such momentous events further highlights the examples of both effective and ineffective leadership which form indelible imagery to help guide participants’ future leader behavior.

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