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Why Leadership Matters

You don’t have to look too far to find examples of organizations or teams which have the highest caliber of resource or talent available but experience performance that lags the industry standard or the highest performer(s) by a significant margin.  The difference between average and spectacular performance is usually attributable to leadership.  If we examine our own experience adequately, most of us can find ample evidence of this fact there.

Deloitte Consulting commissioned a study in 2012 looking at the performance factors in various industries and the highest performing companies in those industries.  When completed, the report on the findings was titled “The Leadership Premium”, and what Deloitte’s research found was that the top performing companies in the industries studied had a market valuation that averaged over 35% higher than companies whose performance was only average.  The Wall Street analysts attributed this differential to the levels of investment in and company leadership’s emphasis on leadership development.

Professional sports teams in recent years are another ready reference source for corroboration of this conclusion.

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