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Team Building

Our programs can also be modified to provide a focus on teamwork in addition to, or instead of, individual leadership, if that is the primary or a major emphasis for a group. These team-oriented experiences can be integrated with targeted experiential team-building exercises to amplify the intensity of focus on a particular team dynamic or a specific aspect of its functionality.

Customer-Supplier Partnering

We can also provide a particular type of team-building process, in the context of a history-based program, which is geared to strengthening the partnering relationship between customer and supplier counterparts or organizations through experiential learning methodology.

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Leadership Development Process Design

Our capabilities also include designing and developing a comprehensive leadership development program from “ground zero” for an organization, or for refining and/or re-designing an existing leadership development approach.  This will often begin with, or be based on, an organization’s definition of mission and values, which will then be the basis for a focus on certain competencies or leadership actions intended to drive success in the direction indicated by the mission and values.

Various other performance “systems” or “processes” can then be defined/designed to support the behaviors or competencies in practice.  Such systems/processes will typically include some form of assessment, coaching, measurement and performance management tools reinforcing the desired actions or competencies.

Please inquire for further information via our Contact Us page in the “comments” section.

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