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Hilton Head Island, known for its world-class outdoor recreation and sporting amenities, has an intriguing history of equal consequence including nationally significant events beginning early in the 1500’s and continuing through the 1960’s, and populated by such well-known and colorful leadership figures as Robert E. Lee, Clara Barton and Harriett Tubman in addition to those involved in lesser-known but equally momentous events, such as Union General Ormsby Mitchel and fugitive slave Robert Smalls.

Hilton Head Leadership Experiences are offered in both half-day and full-day formats as possible additions to corporate retreat agendas or local businesses’ development portfolios.  They combine the fascination of Hilton Head’s history and the knowledge of significant local events with an understanding of the leadership dynamics and factors that shaped their outcomes.  Participants will examine case studies of key incidents and their central characters on or near the locations in which these historic events actually took place.

The programs offer a glimpse of the unique complexion of the Hilton Head environment and an understanding of the fabric of the local character and key individuals who made it what it is, with a specific focus on the leadership actions they took to create results.  The content can be customized to fit an organization’s particular objectives or needs, and the emphasis can be directed more toward leadership or teamwork according to the organization’s desires.

Hilton Head Leadership Experience – Half-day Format

This program explores the stories behind three of the most impactful events and episodes in Hilton Head history, and many will argue they are also highly significant events in the history of the United States and, perhaps, the world.

First is the Civil War Battle of Port Royal, the largest amphibious operation in U.S. history prior to the 1944 D-Day landings in Normandy, in which nearly 13,000 soldiers and Marines came ashore on the coast of Hilton Head in November of 1861 to establish a strong beachhead which would serve as a Union operational headquarters for the remainder of the war in the very heart of Confederate territory.  

Second is the establishment of Mitchelville, generally regarded as the birthplace of freedom for African-Americans, which was founded in late 1862 in the context of the so-called “Port Royal Experiment” as the first self-governed community of Freedmen in the United States and which had a powerful influence on Abraham Lincoln in his issuance of the Emancipation Proclamation in January 1863.

Third is the development of the Sea Pines Plantation, universally acknowledged as the first example of environmentally sensitive land use planning and real estate development which led to a destination resort-retirement community known as the world’s model for subsequent communities of the same nature from 1960 through the present time.  The spectacular innovations led by Charles Fraser are the focus of this case study.

Mitchelville Leadership Experience

Battle of Port Royal Leadership Experience

Honey Hill Leadership Experience

Fort Pulaski Leadership Experience

The Hilton Head Leadership Experience

The Lowcountry Leadership Experience

The Hilton Head Leadership Experience

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